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Want to turn renting (or letting) into a five-star experience?

Now you can, thanks to the tenancy service app by We turn renting into a five-star experience. Why not give it a try? And tell your landlord about it.

Are you renting a house, a flat or student accommodation?

Use’s tenancy service app and:

  • receive a tenancy agreement that you can understand;
  • have all the information you need right on your smartphone;
  • chat directly with your landlord;
  • schedule a repair in no time;
  • delete all those other apps.

Housing associations

Are you letting property or do you work for a housing association?

Use’s tenancy service app and:

  • present important tenancy information in a handy format;
  • take the fuss out of handling repair requests;
  • communicate quickly and securely with your tenants;
  • build your own community, including a digital currency;
  • work with just one app.

What does cost?

Tenants pay nothing. Are you a landlord? Then you can choose between Plus, Pro or Basic, depending on how many units you let. You’ll pay a small flat fee per unit per month.


We put the fun back into letting.


  • No installation costs, no hidden fees
  • Flat charge per unit
  • Satisfied tenants
  • Real-time information
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Housing associations also works with large organisations. Contact us for more information.


  • Higher KWH quality rating
  • Less paperwork
  • Integrated assistance
  • Major volume discount
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See things through your tenant’s eyes.

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