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How can you give your tenants a five-star experience?

The answer is literally in your hands with the tenancy service app by Everything your tenants want to know, now available in a single digital environment: agreements, general provisions, invoices, and whatever else you’d like to offer them. Because we’re flexible. We can guarantee that your tenants will appreciate it.


All-in-one app

Key service? There’s an app for that. Solar panel performance? There’s an app for that. Need a repair? There’s an app for that. Your tenants have to juggle a lot of different apps (and passwords) to get anything done. Why not make it easier for them? We retrieve all the relevant data from existing systems and present the information in a handy format in our tenancy service app. From now on, you only need one app on your smartphone for all your tenancy matters.

Easy-to-read agreements, in a handy format.

Straightforward tenancy agreements. Sounds like a dream. Fortunately, we have our own ideas about the future of property letting and management – a future where user ease and flexibility come first. We want to take the mystery out of tenancy agreements. We pick out the most important information for tenants and that’s all they see in the app. Of course, that information is always linked to an airtight legal document.

Taking the fuss out of repair requests

Handling requests for repairs can be a lot of work. We can make that easier for you too. Our app comes with a module that synchronises calendars with your repair and maintenance partners. We can automate up to 80% of this process, from initial notification to job completed. And your tenants can track progress every step of the way, as if they’re expecting a delivery.

Digital wallet with coins New

Our tenancy service app lets your tenants pay with digital coins, for example if they require additional services. As a landlord, this means you can build your own community with your tenants. You can also use the coins as a reward, to encourage community engagement and participation. Does someone have a sustainable suggestion or the answer to a long-term problem? Reward them with coins.

just a few examples of the benefits of

Secure communication

Communicate quickly and securely with the encrypted chat feature.

Easy to use

Add new properties and tenants in no time.


The app is compatible with a long list of bank and ERP systems.

No charges for your tenants

Your tenants pay nothing.

What does cost?

Tenants pay nothing. Are you a landlord? Then you can choose between Plus, Pro or Basic, depending on how many units you let. You’ll pay a small flat fee per unit per month.


We put the fun back into letting.


  • No installation costs, no hidden fees
  • Flat charge per unit
  • Satisfied tenants
  • Real-time information
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Housing associations also works with large organisations. Contact us for more information.


  • Higher KWH quality rating
  • Less paperwork
  • Integrated assistance
  • Major volume discount
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See things through your tenant’s eyes.

What do you think? Is there room for improvement?